Inflammatory rheumatic diseases affect millions of European citizens causing chronic pain, disability and premature death. Curative treatments are lacking and conventioSchulze_Labore+Besprechung_06-11-2013_22nal research often focuses on one single organ system such as the bone or the immune system and ignores interactions between organ systems. OSTEOIMMUNE is a supra-disciplinary training network that targets this gap by providing comprehensive, structured and coherent training. The scientific training within OSTEOIMMUNE reflects the participants‘ common research programme aiming to unravel the interactions between the immune system and the skeleton. A group of outstanding European scientists in genetics, (osteo-) immunology, rheumatology and drug development has joined to form OSTEOIMMUNE to provide 12 early stage researchers and 2 experiences researchers with training in a broad range of laboratory and complementary skills and capacities. OSTEOIMMUNE participants represent 7 of Europe’s most active academic centres in arthritis research and 3 highly innovative biotech and pharmaceutical companies. All have contributed important concepts to the field, five groups have earned the title „Centre of excellence“. Our young investigators will leave the network after successful completion of their OsteoimmuneMemberstraining with a set of aptitudes that will enable them to be instrumental in developing curative therapies towards rheumatic diseases, be it in an academic, clinical or industrial setting. Moreover, OSTEOIMMUNE will establish a long-lasting consortium for cutting edge research in the field of osteoimmunology, leading to accelerated and integrated discoveries, which can become commercially exploitable first by European industry.

OSTEOIMMUNE started in 2012 and is funded by the European Union within the Seventh Framework Program “People”. OSTEOMMUNE is an Initial Training Network (ITN) and is part of the European Marie Curie Actions.


photo microscope: Klinisches Medienzentrum Jena / Michael Szabo
photo members: Jaqueline Hirscher